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April 2010

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Hello, again...

Geez. Once again I've neglected this place, and during times when I actually had stuff to write about! So I'll try to sum the last few months up.

01. Went home on leave for a few weeks. Drove from Seattle to Aberdeen, South Dakota, in 18 hours, straight through. Was hoping it would snow and blizzard, but no such luck. In fact, the Seattle rain followed me 1,300 miles, and it pretty much rained the entire time. It was a nice little vacation though, and I got to stop off at my brother's house in Idaho and see my sister-in-law for the first time in three years. Also got to pick up some of my apartment stuff he had been holding onto for me. My apartment looks a little homier now :)

02. The Wretched Bitch and her loser boyfriend had a good one the other day. More screaming, cussing, and throwing of things. I was almost sure they were going to shatter their sliding glass door by how hard and how often they kept slamming it. I was thisclose to calling the manager, I thought they were going to kill each other. Why do people who act like that choose to stay living together??

03. The beginning of April brought ten hour shifts at work instead of twelve. It's been pretty nice going to work at 2PM and getting off around 12AM, instead of working 6PM to 6AM. My body seems to like it better, too. Better sleep, and I can actually go to the gym four days a week.

04. The last few months I've been considering going into the Air Force Reserves instread of remaining on active duty...but, I think all of that will make for another post later on today.

Right now, I'm going to enjoy what's left of the sunshine and grill some pork chops. Ahh, summer is almost here!!