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April 2010

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There used to be a time when I'd give myself away...

In my previous entry I mentioned that I'm thinking of going reserve instead of continuing to be active duty. I've been considering this for months, and I think it's right thing for me to do.

I first joined the Air Force in 2007 because I couldn't afford to go to school, and my degree is seven years long. I signed up for six years, thinking that it would allow me almost enough time to almost complete my degree, and the rest I could do with my GI Bill. But, as things usually go, I haven't been able to take ONE class in the three years I've already completed in my enlistment. Even if I was able to do a class or two, not being able to go full-time means that I'd complete the degree in oh, like...fifteen years.

If I choose to go reserve, I'd double the remainder of my enlistment, do my one weekend a month and two weeks a year gig, be able to go to school full time and have a NORMAL civilian job, and I'd get to move to Minneapolis - so I'd be six hours from home instead of 24. I'd still retain most of my benefits, and I wouldn't have to put up with the majority of the bullshit I do now. I could actually have a life that I'd control, not a job that controls it for me. And best of all, I'd actually be able to complete my degree in a normal amount of time.

I have to wait until June to apply. And it does take approval from a few people I may need to win over, but I'm hoping for the best. I honestly don't think I could finish out another three years of active duty. I've lost my pride for what I do because of the people I have to do it for - and with. And I think it's time I get on with my own life, in my own way.